Guest Gallery

Karen and Sue came to Oneta for two weeks and spent an incredible amount of time in the water snorkeling. They are avid photographers and sent us some of the most amazing pictures we have ever seen of the incredible life under the water.

Eric, Dido and their children, Leive and Tijl, spent a week at Oneta as part of a long journey around the world. During their stay they went with our staff to watch a rugby tournament at a local village. Eric also sent beautiful pictures of their experience snorkeling with the Manta Rays.

Mathias has fished all over the world and organizes fishing trips throughout Asia and the Pacific. He and his wife, Michelle, only spent a couple of days at Oneta during which Mathias had one of his greatest fishing days ever (catch-and-release of course).

Jörg and Nadine visited Oneta and took a video when they snorkeled with the Manta Rays. It ranks up there with “the most Mantas seen” at the Manta Ray cleaning station.

Kim and Marc came to Oneta to dive, fish and relax. They sent us an amazing video of a tuna feeding frenzy and also documented the Great Hermit Crab Race of 2017.