The Oneta Team


Simeli is Oneta’s fishing guide and a celebrity in the fishing world. We call him the “fish whisperer” for a reason. The guy never disappoints. Whether its GT popping, trolling or jigging, he knows exactly what to do and
where to go. Serious fishermen come back again and again to go fishing with this man. Some say the fish are as charmed by his captivating charisma, his infectious laugh, and his incredible skill on the ukelele.


Elenoa, our wonderful chef is the heart of the resort (and Simeli’s wife). She oversees the kitchen, the housekeeping and all of us. Her dishes never disappoint and her desserts are so delicious that guests have asked to join her in the kitchen to learn how she does it (we are talking to you, Kimberly). Sim and El’s two children, Johnny and Miriama, are a happy addition to the Oneta family.


Jonani traveled the world with UN Peacekeeping Troops before returning to Nabouwalu, his village on Ono. He was the first employee at Oneta and has never stopped working to make Oneta the beautiful resort it is today. He is always ready to lead you on a hike or explain the local sites and Fijian customs.


Meresimani (“Bulou”) is a powerful presence at Oneta. (“Bulou” means “the chief’s daughter” in Fijian.) You will see her shy smile and twinkling eyes in the kitchen with her sister, Elenoa, and at the daily volleyball game. And she has a particular skill in gently removing big spiders from the guest bures if ever required.


Loro was in a Fijian musical group before Oneta and happily shares his golden voice with the guests on lovo night. A multi-talented young man, he is also a world-class rugby player and can be found on the pitch when not working with us. At Oneta, he is everywhere, helping Sim with the boats and fishing, John with diving and Jonani with the grounds.


“Ben” worked in some of Fiji’s largest, most luxurious resorts before choosing to come to Oneta and becoming part of our family here. A new father with a constant smile, Ben is multi-talented and can be counted upon to brighten your day whether he’s working in the office, on the grounds or serving you a meal. At night he is also our bartender so make sure you let him know what your favorite drink is.


“Bui” and her whole family are in the hospitality business at local resorts. She does the housekeeping and takes extraordinary care of our guests, from arranging the beautiful welcoming flowers to filling the coconut oil bottles to lighting the lanterns in the evening. And it is her lilting voice you will hear singing along to the radio from early in the morning to late in the evening.


Our newest member of the team, “Eddy” is our resident gardener and budding dive guide. And he also has a musical gift and can be found on the guitar on lovo night. Eddy’s calming presence can also be felt all over the resort, from diving with John, being the deckie with Sim or planting with Jonani.


This adventurous, fun-loving New Zealander moved to Kadavu with his family in the 1980s (his son was one of the first westerners to attend the local school) and he now leads the Oneta Team as general manager. As an avid diver, he was one of the first to explore the underwater beauty of the Astrolabe reef — and many of the dive sites in the area still go by the names that John gave them. John now brings his sense of adventure and intimate knowledge of the area to the Oneta experience, making sure that guests have a memorable stay in our guest bures named after some of those dive sites he discovered.


Pierre Sauvaget

International chef, Pierre Sauvaget, is coming to Oneta Resort.  Pierre has catered some of the most extravagant Hollywood affairs at the world famous Bel Air Bay Club on the Malibu beach.  This incredible French chef (who also loves Fiji) has agreed to be our resident guest chef.  He’ll cook special culinary treats for those lucky guests who will be there at the same time.   He’ll also redesign our menu and integrate local sustainable food with our more Mediterranean-based dishes. Pierre plans to be at the resort four times every year and his supervision will continually improve the culinary experience at Oneta.