Terms and Conditions


A non-refundable payment of 30% of the quoted total for your stay at Oneta is required to secure your booking. The balance for the total is due 21 days before you arrive at the resort. If you fail to make the balance payment in the proper timeframe you will lose your booking deposit and we will be able to resell your accommodation to another party. You also have the option, if you choose, to pay the complete balance when you make your booking. The receipt of a deposit payment automatically means that the guest has read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed here.

Payment Methods:

We take credit cards or direct deposit payments for deposits, balance payments and charges incurred while at Oneta. Cash is discouraged and cheques are not accepted. Credit card charges will appear in your statement as “Oneta Resort” or under the name of “Elimar (Fiji)”. Note: All prices are in Fiji dollars but for direct deposits, you have the option to pay either in Fiji dollars or US dollars. The amount of a US dollar payment will be calculated on the exchange rate for the day of payment.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Oneta will accommodate any change to a reservation if there is a documented emergency that requires rebooking. We will not refund the payment but will rebook the guests for a later date. If a non-emergency cancellation that occurs 21 days before your arrival any balance payment minus the 30% deposit will be returned. If the cancellation occurs within the 21 days before your arrival you will receive no refund on your processed payments. A change in the number of booked guests will also be considered a cancellation and that portion of the payment will not be refunded. That being said, we will do our best to accommodate booking changes to a later date when our schedule allows.

Guest Insurance & Liability:

Oneta does not accept responsibility for issues or expenses that are outside of our control such as domestic or international flight delays, ill health, fire, floods or other natural disasters, civil unrest or government instability. Oneta also is not responsible for any personal injuries suffered by guests or the loss or damage of personal equipment whether the injury or loss/damage occurs at the resort or while the guest is engaged in a resort sponsored activities.

We strongly encourage all travelers to Oneta to have adequate travel insurance which covers them for any accidents, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage or personal property, ill health, medical expenses, medical evacuation, and weather evacuations.

Guests diving with us at Oneta must ensure that their insurance covers them for SCUBA related activities with the proper depth coverage.

All guests who want to dive with us at Oneta must be medically fit and must be accredited by an established international diving organization. Guests will need to show proof of SCUBA certification before being allowed to dive. Guests will also need to sign a liability waiver and an assumption of risk document prior to any water based activities. 

If a guest refuses to sign such document they will not be allowed to participate in that activity. Once on the dive boat guests must always follow the safety instructions of the dive master. If a guest refuses to follow instructions and becomes a danger to themselves and/or others, they will be barred from any diving or other activities at Oneta. In extreme cases the guest will be asked to leave the resort.

Guests who break the law:

Any guest who engages in activities that are deemed illegal under Fijian law will be asked to leave the resort and the proper authorities will be notified as to the nature of the activity.


At Oneta we welcome families traveling with children. For large families we recommend the Archway bure that accommodates up to 6 people. For families with up to 2 children, Turtle Lair hilltop bure and Vesi beachfront bure are the bures that can accommodate two extra single beds. Please contact us and we can talk you through the best bure options for sleeping arrangements for you and your children.

While we always look out for the safety of kids at Oneta, please don’t assume that children will be supervised by the staff unless you specifically request childcare. Our staff is great with children and will make sure that they are safe and entertained. However, please remember that staff members are not childcare experts and are not medically trained in case of an emergency. It is also your responsibility to inform us of any allergies or medical conditions that your child may have.

Medical Issues While At Oneta:

Although we have an extensive first aid kit, there are no medically trained professionals at the resort. There are several nursing stations in the area that will be the first stop in case of any medical issues, and in serious cases a guest can be airlifted to the hospital in Suva. Please note that guests are responsible for any costs associated with a medical emergency (accidental or otherwise) and guests shall hold Oneta Resort harmless in case of injury, sickness, or death. (Note: Travel Insurance recommended.)

We also ask that guests disclose any pre-existing medical issues to us before coming to Oneta so that we can assess whether or not a stay at Oneta is appropriate.